Nestle buys Nature’s Bounty Company’s main brands for £4.13 billion

Nestle see the increasing consumer demand for nature brands and an ageing population make a promising market for natural ingredients for health products. To fulfil this growing demand, Nestle has taken over the vitamin maker Nature’s Bounty Company’s main brands for £4.13 billion.

This acquisition includes leading nature based health brands in the market but it does not include the sports and active nutrition brands Pure Protein, Body Fortress, MET-Rx and the Canadian over-the-counter business which did not fit with Nestle’s health and nature brand portfolio expansion plan.

Nature Brands added to Nestle’s portfolio includes,

  • Aromappeal ®
  • Biorganic Life™
  • Herbal Authority®
  • Myology™
  • Nature’s Bounty
  • Organic Health
  • Osteo Bi-Flex
  • Perfectly Pure
  • Puritan’s Pride
  • Puritan’s Pride Fitness
  • Solgar

It is not only The Kit Kat chocolate bar maker, but also traditional makers of personal care products including Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive Co., and Proctor & Gamble, Co., have acquired nature based brands and built out their own natural brand portfolio as a result of increasing environmental awareness, trends led by young consumers, and greater knowledge about wellness.

According to a report by global consulting and research firm Kline & Company, the “natural” trend is the most important trend in the personal care industry and it is growing across FMCG industry as a whole. 

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